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The IIA Belgium and the Institute of Internal Control (ICIB) will combine their forces and invite you to participate in a series of 6 workshops covering both the implementation (ICIB) and the audit (IIA Belgium) of qualitative internal control principles.

The 6 working sessions will cover the 5 components of the COSO framework. The conclusions of these discussions will be summarized in an Internal Control / Internal Audit White Paper. Participants to these sessions will have the opportunity to contribute to this IC/IA White Paper.

The working sessions will take place in the conference room of IIA-Belgium in 1000 Brussels, Rue Royale 109-111 from 12:00 to 14:00 (sandwiches will be provided) on the following dates:

Tuesday 2 April 2019              Control  environment
Thursday 25 April 2019           Risk  assessment
Tuesday 14 May 2019            Control  activities (general)
Thursday 13 June 2019          Control  activities (IT)
Tuesday 17 September 2019: Information  and communication
Tuesday 8 October 2019         Monitoring

Each session will contain a one hour discussion on the adequate design of the IC system component, and 1 hour discussion about the evaluation / audit of this component.

Attendance is free of charge for IIA-Bel and ICIB members. Registration is required via our respective  websites  or  . Registrations are limited to one person per organization and will be handled on a first come / first served basis. A no show at a session will automatically result in a cancellation of the registration for all sessions. Participants will be able to earn two CPE points per session.

Attention: the participation of ICIB members is limited to 10 persons maximum per session. A second series of sessions will however be organized later this year in order to permit more members to participate.   

The conclusions of the working sessions and the IC/IA White Paper will be presented and discussed at a joint IIA/ICIB conference later in the year.

Ten gevolge van de inwerkingtreding van de General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) willen wij u informeren dat uw persoonlijke gegevens worden opgenomen in onze database en dit in uw hoedanigheid van lid of ten gevolge van uw deelname aan een van onze
activiteiten. We verzekeren u dat wij uw gegevens in alle vertrouwelijkheid zullen gebruiken en dit alleen om u te informeren over de activiteiten van onze vereniging.

Als u uw persoonlijke gegevens wenst te consulteren of te wijzigen of meer informatie wenst te ontvangen over de behandeling ervan door
onze vereniging, aarzel dan niet ons hierover te contacteren.


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